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Hi there, and thanks for visiting my DA page. I'm the tipical nerd who's really into anime, manga and games...and little by little, I'm getting better at drawing scenarios and backgrounds *finally*!
I usually like to draw handsome guys, cute little boys, demons, monsters (/WUT), and fanart, especially if one of the categories mentioned before are involved XDDD....

BTW, as you can see in the stamp below, I'm open for commissions (and also for art trades). But PLEASE, for fuck's sake, READ THIS JOURNAL first:hystericalmellotron.deviantart…. If you ask for disgusting shit and/or cheap prices, them I'll know that you havent't read it, and I'll just ignore ya instead lol. I'm just saying that because a certain guy asked me for drawing weird shit for cheap prices, and kept nagging me to read his fanfic. Blocked the fuck out of him, of course :iconcrazylaughplz:...but really, for :points: commissions READ THE JOURNAL FIRST!

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Hi peeps...or whatever person has nothing better to do with her/his life and it's curently reading this piece of shi...journal. I have (sorta) good news. Well, as I've said in my previous journal, I'm broke and desperately still looking for a job. And to make things better, my RL it's currently as exciting as watching a movie that consists of nothing but images of tumbleweeds and boring crickets making boring noises...and because of that, I've been drawing like crazy, which is making me feel bored with my current rather limited art skills. Cutting to the chase, I want to try out realistic drawing. But before I talk more about my first efforts in this unknown and rather intimidating realm, I want to rant a little bit hehe *can't resist*
A lot of realistic artists says that you should learn realism/realistic/whatever it is BEFORE anything else. But let me tell ya: I may be far far far far......very far from being a a expepcionally good artist, but I strongly believe that each person should follow whatever path he/she wants, in order to be a better artist, and a lot of people, even the ones that eventually will want to take things more seriously, starts with either cartoon or manga because of how intimidating and complex realism can look. I'm ONE of those people.
I've been drawing manga all those years because I always felt like I wasn't good enough for this (and I still don't), especially because, when I was around 12~13 years old, I tried to learn realism, but then I gave up because I felt like all my drawings looked worse than shit, and since then...I never tried this style again, and moved on to manga/anime.
The thing is, I'm actually NOT (totally) SELF-TAUGHT. I've spent 6 years in a manga class (it's sorta like taking art classes, but focused on manga/anime style instead), but then I've left this year, in march, because it was getting too expensive, and I've already learn almost all of what that place had to offer, not to mention there where way too many people in my class, and most of them were annoying spoiled brats. I wish I had started to look for a job sooner, but still I don't regret all those years I've spent there, because I've learned so many cool things: about anatomy, about how to shade, how to color, how to make expressive poses and faces...
And if I've started with realism instead, as my 12 year old self, I'm not sure if I would had come this far, because even as a 23 year-old woman, realistic drawings still looks FUCKING INTIMIDATING. There, said it. But, I've tried a few things today, and here it is:

Bocas by HystericalMellotron

Narizes by HystericalMellotron

Also, because I have so many friends, and my life is sooooooooo busy, I have tons and tons of sketches and finished drawings that are still going to be colored, so until I'm come up with one more of my color pencil works, have this EXTREMELY creative drawing with something that I've NEVER did before:

Omg Cirus Lineart by HystericalMellotron


Ok I'll stop being a sarcastic bitter spinster for now LOL. See ya later, people

Hi there peeps...or person...or mr.thin air...or mr.tumbleweed /okayillstop. I've been off from the the WHOLE internet for the past few weeks. Because something happened to my computer, and I had to wait till my dad could take it somewhere to fix it. But now it's okay...for now, slow as a turtle, but still functioning. So, if I stop uploading my usual crap, all of a sudden, again, it will be most probably because my computer stopped working again. And I'm pretty much poor and neither me or anyone else that I live with has enough money to buy a new computer, currently. Which leads to me ranting about the most annoying thing I'm dealing with nowadays: poorly done job-interviews.

I've been searching for jobs actively for quite a few months, lately. I went to tons of job interviews and the like, but I can count on my fingers how many actually good, objective interviews I had. Sometimes, I was being interviewed by people even younger than me! And also, they almost always ask about information that's already written on my curriculum, such as:

*Oh so you're 22? And single?*

*Oooh, so you never worked before, and this would be your first job experience...*

They should ask me if I'm a woman and if my name is Cristiane as well, huh? Really. And shit has been so though, that I can't get even a job as a cleaner, because of course a youngster like me, who just wants to help her family and maybe go to a decent college, doesn't want to work and make a few bucks as much as a woman who has already tons of exp and can get a job as a cleaner almost anywhere (in case you're wondering, the ads of this job offer I went to said exp wasn't required...yet they didn't picked a single young woman or man, from the five people they've chosen)

Still trying though, I don't want to be broke, and doing nothing with my like forever y'know. And again: if I stop uploading my usual crap, all of a sudden, again, it will be most probably because my computer stopped working again


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Thanks for adding Stare to your favorites. I'm glad you like my art :)
DarkRukia91 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I understand that he doesnt like Super smash.....but he shouldnt bullshit his opinion...…

Some people in the comments even proved him wrong.
HystericalMellotron Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...but he was pretty respectful at the end of the journal....and it is his choice to dislike the game...I can't say anything about the game though, I never had a nintendo console, nor do I have one now, and this game only caught my attention for having megaman and sonic XD
DarkRukia91 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah he was but he was also making false facts about the game out of hate and not liking fighting games. I don't mind if he doesn't like it, it just irks me when people make false statements because they don't like something and other people the wrong idea about it, if they want to try.
HystericalMellotron Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well, now looking back, I do agree that he should've cut it down the whole "I dun liek fighting games" thing! Even if you dislike a certain genre, you still need to try to be neutral while writing a review, instead of sorta  blaming the whole genre for not being "good enough" o_o
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:iconishafaveplz3::iconishafaveplz4: and for the watch :hug:
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no prob XD
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Thanks for the fav! It really means a lot=D

I really like your use of color pencils. Great work!
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Np and thank you *u*
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