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Hi there, and thanks for visiting my DA page. I'm the tipical nerdy loser who likes cartoons, games and etc. etc.
I usually like to draw handsome guys, cute little boys, demons, monsters (/WUT), and fanart, mostly of cartoons and old videogames....

BTW, as you can see in the stamp below, I'm open for commissions (and also for art trades). But PLEASE READ THIS JOURNAL FIRST :hystericalmellotron.deviantart…. Because I'll KNOW FOR SURE if you don't!

...and who likes chameleons? I know I do!

It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 dA Stamp - Commissions Open by lynkx-ie Dark Chao Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
Anti-Pony stamp by SwanRose Stamp thing. by DuskSparkNo Photoshop? by SasukeUchihaFangirlx Space Channel 5 Fan Stamp by Rhythm-Wily Gamer tolerance stamp by BlueDragonKaiserStorm Stamp by soulshelter editing stamp by cinyu Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeather I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Spongebob stamp by LedMaiden Monsuno Fan Stamp by Tailwalker Fullmetal Stamp by AdryJustend Anime Stamp by ReikoChan Reply Comments Stamp by KelpyKrad Traditional Media Stamp by KaizokuShojo Sonic Music Stamp by Ana-Mae I support Zero's Hair by XX-Midnight For a Cleaner Anthro Gallery by savagebinn Megaten Jack Frost stamp by NekoGothicSporkie Lefties for the win by Zephyr-Stamp Sonic Characters Stamp by MasterGallade
I love Megaman by ChaoticMarinI support Abstract Art by SquallxZell-Leonhart Comments Stamp by MrsZeldaLink
Stamp- Rush by jozie-m .:Cocteau Twins:. by Molosseraptor Tristania by skinnyveestamp
Opeth Stamp by cirruswolf
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Mondai Girl Mondai Girl MOOONDAAI GIIIRLLL XD
  • Reading: Still comics
  • Watching: Still watching silly action cartoons
  • Playing: shitty but adictive Lightning Returns
  • Eating: your brains
  • Drinking: your blood /just kidding! XD
So, after all, I'm still gonna have internet *phew* no really, I've thought this time was for real, because if that was the case, I would be at least half a semester without it! o_o
Anyway, back to posting more stuff, I'm going to enjoy this while I can, since if I'm lucky enough, I'll be able to get a full scholarship later this's not exactly the best and most prestigious college evar, but hey, it's better than just slacking around and watching cartoons and playing vidjagames, that is, when I'm not going to job interviews and getting stomped for lack of experience and looking half my age i_i
And, for those wondering...yup, there will be more Ben 10 fanart o_o is my personal tastes getting lamer after each year or what, I mean, what's next, MLP? Care Bears? Hello Kit...ok I'll stop XD No offense for those who likes these shows, though...but it sure feels embarassing to walk on the street and see 5yr olds wearing Ben 10 t-shirts and talking about their favorite aliens or something
Anyway, enough rambling! I have one last thing to announce...for quite a while, I had also a pixiv account...but I've decided to talk about it only today, because I've just realized that, due to the amazing pixiv feature of being able to upload packs of illustrations into a single submission, there's a few sketches and linearts that I've forgot to post here, but they're acessible for free in my pixiv (you'll need an account to see them, though). So go check'em, if you're curious:…

*sigh* well, that's all, for now >_>
Good day/night/afternoon and don't fear the reaper Grim reaper  /wtf
  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: Ruuuuushhhhh
  • Reading: comic books (onlinecuzi'mbroke) manga kinda sucks
  • Watching: Still watching silly action cartoons
I didn't wanted to tell this but...thing is...


I'm getting sick of this site.
No, it's not just because of the fanart and digital stuff getting all the's...
:bulletred:the shitty changes the DA staff keeps doing
:bulletred:the disgusting, weird shit that sometimes shows up (in the categories section) when I'm submiting stuff, while one of my It's Nagi, again...2 by HystericalMellotron drawings got censored just for some non-explicit, barely suggestive at all, nudity...and just for the record, I browse DA with my filter on, :music:because you never know...what you might see...:iconkingcrimsonplz: :music: so the shit I'm talking about...yup no filter
:bulletred:a lot of group admins being dicks and not explaining why my drawings/other people's drawings as well get rejected. I didn't even joined much groups, but I can count all the groups I think are actually nice and supportive in just a few fingers...and this doesn't sounds all.
:bulletred:people actively bullying and trolling nice users, and not getting any shit for it. Oh wait..I think they're probably PREMIUM and POPULAR users. Nevermind XD
:bulletred:DA staff/admins. Do I need to say more?
:bulletred: Forgot the rest :iconlolwutplz:

Hey I know I'm a HUGE dipshitty, crazy woman myself, who likes to occasionally include references and easter eggs, as much as possible,  in my submissions...but damn...sometimes I feel like...this whole DA's just too much...even for me :( I'm feeling more and more tempted to open a tumblr account. I already have a pixiv one anyway, but I only upload my "best" (as in, less worse, amirite? XD) stuff there, so...

BUT HEY NOW IT'S TIME FOR (SORT OF) GOOD NEWS (just RL bullcrap, you can skip if you want to):

:bulletgreen: I've got a new haircut last week, and since now my hair is super short, I'm going to update my ID very soon!
:bulletgreen: I'm still stuck in that "manga/anime kinda sucks huh?" stage, so I've started to read some comic,  I'm still broke, but if I had enough money, I would collect all the ones I'm currently reading (Nightwing, Batgirl, and Injustice)...because man...I think I'm falling in love with this style...the coloring, the shading, the amount of detail...makes quite a few manga out there...well...sorta looks like shit (like mine for example haha), sorry for all manga fans out there XDD
:bulletgreen: I'll may finally get to go to college this year! If it does happens, it will be only in the second semester though i_i

And that's all...if I do open a tumblr account, and decide to leave this god forsaken place :iconlolwutplz: for good, I'll let you know my new little corner on the internet.

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